Terms and Conditions for Entry to 150th Founders’

1. Sherwood College takes no responsibility for damage, loss or injury to person or his/her property while in the school premises.
2. Damage to School property by the visitor or their guests, will result in repair/replacement costs being billed to the visitor.
3. Minors must remain under the direct supervision of their parents at all times.
4. The School applies a ‘common sense’ approach dress regulation for visitors. Visitors will be refused entry if their attire is: untidy/ unclean, offensive or otherwise deemed inappropriate by the management.
5. Visitors must not obtain, consume or carry alcohol / tobacco in any form within the premises or attempt to do so.
6. By law we must ask any person displaying signs of intoxication or acting irresponsibly to leave the School premises immediately.
7. Since you are visiting an educational institution, you are requested not to carry any weapon inside the school premises and will be refused entry if found to be carrying one. We do not have any provision to keep such weapon in safe custody.
8. Bottles, lighters, tins or cans, musical instruments, flammable, toxic, drugs, hookah, illegal or hazardous substances, metal containers, firecrackers, fireworks, weapons, motorcycle helmets, bags or any other article which might endanger or unduly annoy any other person are not allowed inside the School premises.
9. Visitors must carry a valid original government photo ID proof such as Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID or Passport when attending the school functions. Attendees failing to produce such valid identification will not be allowed to enter the school premises.
10. For security reasons, the school authorities reserve the right to perform a security check on any visitor at any point during the Event. Hence, you are requested to wear your Entry Card for as long as you are attending the event. Entry Card shall not be a valid if the bar code or stamp has been tampered with.
11. Visitors are required to vacate the premises within 15 minutes of the last function.
12. No new Entry Cards will be issued in case of damage, loss or removal, etc. of the original card.
13. The School reserves the Right of admission even to valid Entry Card holders.

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